Saturday, 21 January 2017

Crossed Fingers.

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There was I, drawing a Hitler moustache and a pair of Arther Askey glasses onto a picture of Jeremy Corbyn (as one does), when my mind turned to the good people of North America.

At the very moment I was completing Jeremy's crossed-eyes, Mr Trump was saying his oath, and the left were smashing windows.

I still haven't totally dismissed Trump, and will keep my fingers firmly crossed until he does something really stupid.

There are plenty of people around who have 100% faith in his term of office, and I even heard someone on the radio saying that the people of America were 'all very excited'. Well, I just hope they won't be throwing themselves from the top of Trump Tower in the very near future.

Make America great again? We'll see Mr Trump!

It all starts today, and Europe wishes you well.

Friday, 20 January 2017

Essential Winter-Warmer Grub.

It was - 6 C again yesterday morning, so some serious gastronomy was called for.

Anyone who has a wood-fired Cooker or Stove will tell you that they make by far the best baked Potatoes.

I have no idea why the flavour should be so different to electric-oven cooked spuds, but it is!

At this time of year (this morning it's still -6 C) there is nothing better for lunch than a bowl of good hearty soup, and a baked Potato topped with plenty of butter and black pepper.

It sets you up for the rest of the day.

p.s. Our wood-fired cooker is pretty basic; not at all like standard cookers. We throw on logs, cross fingers, and hope for the best. Occasionally the temperature goes crazy; sometimes even reaching 350 C (see below)..... WOOPS!

My spuds were cooked in about 15 mins.

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Share, and share alike...

Once you give-in to a dog, there's no going back.

Lady Magnon is now obliged to share her sofa with Bok; neither one will budge.

HE thinks it's his sofa, and SHE thinks it's hers. Frankly I just let them squabble about it, and ignore them.

In the evenings, I now sit on my uncomfortable, shabby, wing-back chair, but guess who takes over when I go to bed?

Yes; Bok.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Forking hell.

After yesterday's post, this is rather predictable.

Lady Magnon couldn't find our toasting fork anywhere. She knew exactly where it should have been, but it wasn't there.

She was on her hands and knees looking under cupboards, under the stove, in boxes etc, as I rummaged through drawer after drawer to no avail.

The problem was that our outdoor gas bottle had frozen-up over night, and it had made us adopt our 'pioneer back-woodsman' approach to life. For her breakfast, Lady M was frying bacon over the fire, and wanted toast. Rather than use the electric toaster, she wanted fire-toasted toast. But we couldn't find the wretched fork anywhere.

Call it old age, or old-timers, but we eventually found it just a few inches from where is should have been; hiding behind an ancient wooden chopping block. You could have heard the cheers down in Toulouse.

Our old toasting fork is a beauty. It's made from solid wire, and, as you can probably see from the photo, has a simple extending mechanism so as not to burn yourself.

We don't use it very often, but we really missed it yesterday when we couldn't find it.

All is now well with the world (until Friday).

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

To the gunwales.

Cro: Where's that French can opener that I use for Confit tins?

Lady Magnon: Have a look in the top right hand drawer.

Cro: I can't find anything in there, it's overflowing with bloody rubbish.

Lady Magnon: Well, tidy it up then!

Cro: I'd have to earmark a whole month to do that.

Lady Magnon: Which month would suit you best?

Cro: I'll let you know!

Monday, 16 January 2017


Thanks to both kindly visitors, and online shopping, I am now hardly ever without a can or two of Haggis in the house.

People often wince when they hear the word 'Haggis', but let me assure you that it really is delicious. Think soft Lamb burger with a peppery edge.

These 392 gm cans of Grant's are probably the best introduction to this Scottish delicacy. I open both ends of the cans, then push the contents out before slicing it into 1 cm rounds. Fried for a few minutes in Olive oil until slightly crunchy on both top and bottom, it becomes a gourmet's delight.

In the past I've incorporated Haggis into stuffing for Chicken and Turkey, or layered it into the middle of a Pork terrine. Its uses are endless.

Above was my yesterday's breakfast. Need I say more?

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Nothing Special.

We're well into our 'tedious' period here; mornings are quite cold, days are cool, and either frost or mist can often linger all day. Very little happens.

As regular visitors to this page will know, I simply chronicle our everyday lives; whether they be good, bad, or occasionally 'tedious' (as yesterday).

We choose to live a quiet life, otherwise we would be bored stupid. I'm pleased to say that this is only very rarely interrupted.

I suppose I'm rather predictable in Winter. I often wander aimlessly trying to keep myself busy, I shout at the Television, and I dream of leaving my little patch better than when I found it. Nothing exceptional in all that; there's not much else to do!

There are plenty of Winter days when hardly anything happens. OK, I chop mountains of wood, I light fires, I cook a couple of 'gourmet' meals, but that is every day ordinary stuff; it's far more interesting to write about days which involve something unusual or exceptional.

It has to be said that on days when absolutely NOTHING happens, it's almost a godsend to have unruly neighbours; but having been reprimanded, even they don't misbehave that often any more.

So, please allow me once in a while to write about the absence of an eventful life; as it was yesterday.

I know I must try harder, and will attempt to do so tomorrow.

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