Friday, 27 April 2018

Some things NEVER change.

This is worth 3 mins of your time.

Thursday, 26 April 2018

I've Been Told Orf.

Lady Magnon took me to task; she said that the small freezer in the studio was a complete mess. She didn't know what was what, or what was where. It was time to de-frost, and she needed to temporarily transfer everything to the other freezer in the kitchen.

In my role as 'Keeper of the Freezer', I received a good telling-off; you'd have thought that I'd committed serious freezer crime. She claimed I needed to keep notes of what was in each drawer, when it was frozen, and by when it should be eaten. Is she kidding; what nonsense!

She even suggested I should label the drawers so that I know what's in them. Of course, I can assure you (and her), that I know exactly what's in them, and how much of it there is, etc.

Anyway, I've relented, and I shall from now on label all the drawers as she suggested.

Here are the new labels; I hope she's satisfied!

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Haddock's et al.

It's a start.

The first lot of Tomatoes are in, the red Onions are looking good, and I have planted out those long thin peppers that I love so much.

We still have a copious supply of perpetual Spinach, which I am loth to grub-up, and another row has already been sown. Everyone should grow this stuff; wonderful!

The Cauli' and Calabrese plants haven't grown much (probably because it's so dry), but they'll romp once we have some rain.

The Tayberries are looking very good, and all of my 'scrumped' soft fruit suckers seem to have taken.

There are plenty of flowers about. This mix of Wisteria and Clematis is on the 'tower'.

All in all, I'm happy with the state of play. A lot more still to do, but everything from now on is pure pleasure!

Tuesday, 24 April 2018


We found this gal in the water on top of the pool cover; poor thing, she'd got in, but couldn't get out.

I scooped her out with the net, and put her to warm-up on a pile of old tiles. She soon went home, no doubt telling her friends all about her adventure.

She's a European Green Lizard, and isn't she beautiful (the males have much brighter blue under their chins). Including her tail, she was about 14 ins long. They are to found to the south of the Seine, but not in Corsica. Lovely creature.

Monday, 23 April 2018

Almost an Art School project.

Ms Wylie's photo (above) appeared in a recent copy of The Sunday Times, and I found it quite enticing.

I decided to study the picture closely, then attempt to draw it simply from memory.

OK, my effort is a bit rustic, probably because I'm out of practice.

Try it yourself!

Sunday, 22 April 2018

Cycling, but not as we know it.

Look what I encountered on the way back from market yesterday.

You know it's the Silly Season here, when the over-60's three-wheeler Cycle Club are in town, there must have been 30 of them. Lying down on the job, whilst cycling; it almost looked appealing.

This latter-day red Sinclair C5 looks fun; probably room inside, too, for his sandwiches, flask of Lucozade, and industrial tub of Bed-Sore lotion. 

These two-wheelers looked the least inviting. Lose concentration, and bang; you're on the Tarmac.

All very 'Look at me, look at me'. They were all wearing pukka expensive cycling kit, and, frankly, most of them looked pretty miserable. Give me my old discreet unremarkable push-bike any day!

Saturday, 21 April 2018

Teach them Origami.

Pupils and parents at a particular school in Hertfordshire UK have been complaining that during the recent heat wave, the pupils were charged 5p for a plastic cup, in order to get themselves a drink of water.

Parents have been rightly outraged, as not only is the world trying to use less plastic, but it is also the 'human right' of every school child to have a ready supply of drinking water.

The solution is, of course, very simple. Show your children the short video below, and make sure they take careful note.

The best paper to use, is that page from their History Textbooks that contains the dates of all the British Kings and Queens (that you're supposed to learn). Alternatively (if that page has already been used), equally good are any pages from the Algebra section in your Maths book.

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